This is where Western Sydney Criminal Lawyers will answer your questions. Such as fees, disbursements and etc.

What are your fees?

Western Sydney Criminal Lawyers use a combination of Fixed Fee and hourly rates within the cost agreement. Your Western Sydney Criminal Lawyer will discuss these fees in your cost agreement with you to make sure that you understand them.

If you are experiencing financial difficulty we may agree to 6 week payment plan. Alternatively, we can assist you in applying for legal aid funding of which you will have to meet their criteria.

What Areas do you service?

We represent serious and minor matters and provide a wide range of specialized legal advice for Local Court, District Court, Supreme Court, Federal Court and High Court matters.

What areas of law does Western Sydney Criminal Lawyers Specialize in?

Your western Sydney criminal lawyers specialize in a variety of areas of law such as Family Law, Criminal Law, Wills and Probate and Centrelink matters.