Our Approach

We approach every case with a sense of duty and confidence.  Firstly, upon an agreement of costs we will interview you until we are satisfied that we have enough information to discuss the circumstances and arrangements with police.

Once we have had a discussion with Police, we will inform you of their expectations and further discuss the evidence and allegations against you. We will then advise you of the next course of action.

We will help you prepare for your court date to give you a sense of confidence when your matter is heard.

Our Story

Our Criminal Law Practitioners come from all works of life, like our clients and we expect the same level of courtesy and respect we offer to you, the client.

Western Sydney Criminal Lawyers started as a dormant blog. Not having graduated yet, I reserved the blog to ensure that my future aspirations were protected. This was back in 2018. Since 2018, I had worked with a variety of experienced criminal lawyers dealing with summary and indictable matters.

Now, I am well rehearsed in criminal procedure, evidence and law- enabling me to asssit you better.

Meet the Team

NB: Not actual lawyers; just a concept.



Associate Lawyer


Junior Lawyer

Junior Lawyer

Junior Lawyer supports the Principle and Associate with matters in the firm as well as providing supervised legal advice within the following areas of law: